3D Imaging

Part of Uncompromising Quality of Care means investing in the best technology available.

The i-cat imaging system is an in-office three dimensional study sometimes referred to as a Cone Beam Study, designed to provide dental health care providers a highly accurate, high definition, 3-D image and information. This gives our doctors a complete and very accurate view of our patient’s anatomy so we can provide the best care.

With the 3-dimensional scan, Dr. Webber can capture and more accurately analyze images of the position and orientation of critical structures like nerves, tooth roots, jaw structure, sinuses and other data in three dimensions. This is achieved with much greater resolution and clarity than with traditional x-rays or scans.

You can imagine the huge diagnostic advantage this technology offers the doctor of seeing structures in three dimensions in precisely calibrated measurements down to a fraction of a millimeter. The surgeon can tell if there is adequate bone present, and whether important nerves and sinuses are a safe distance from the procedure.  While not indicated in every situation, this technology is an important benefit for some patients.

This non-invasive, painless and comfortable study can greatly enhance diagnosis, and predict success of surgical procedures. Patients that are concerned about reducing risk and increasing the likelihood of a successful outcome should seriously consider the diagnostic advantage of utilizing i-cat cone beam imaging technology, if recommended by our doctors.

This is all accomplished in any of our offices in an open pleasant environment in less than a minutes.  Dr. Webber can diagnose and discuss your situation with a great degree of accuracy and help you make an informed decision on how best to proceed.