Immediate Temporaries

Quick Restoration of Dental Implants in Virginia Beach , Chesapeake & Suffolk VA

Using the most recent advances in dental implant technology, we are able to place a dental implant on the day of the extraction of your tooth and fabricate an immediate temporary restoration so that you do not have to wear a removable restoration during the healing period of three to four months. We are able to do this on non actively infected single-rooted teeth and some molars with favorable root anatomy. We can use the existing crown or make a matrix in order to fabricate a composite restoration which we place on a temporary abutment. We can do this in our office or send the patient back to the general dentist for the fabrication of the provisional restoration. After the implant integrates (heals) the provisional restoration is removed and an impression is made. This approach develops an ideal emergence profile for the final restoration, getting away from the circular profile created by a healing abutment. By supporting the papillae during healing, the transition to the final restoration is more predictable. We would be happy to discuss your treatment options to see if you are a candidate for this type of implant procedure.