Guided Surgery | Virginia Beach , Chesapeake & Suffolk VA

Having the ability to perform “computer surgery” before going to the mouth is a tremendous advantage particularly in more complex cases. Guided surgery program allow us to do just that. It assembles the data from the CT scan and allows us to view the jaw in three-dimensions. We can treatment plan the cases, placing implants in such a way as to maximize the available bone and ensure that the implants will be in the proper position for the final restoration. It enables us to accurately measure distances from vital structures for a safer implant experience. This plan is then used to fabricate a surgical guide which we can then use to accurately place the implants.

cross-section-implant maxillary-implants
Cross-Section Implant Virtual Planning of Dental Implants
simplant-maxillary-and-mandibular implants-transparency
Maxillary and Mandible Implants Transparency