Multiple Teeth

Teeth Replacement Options in Virginia Beach, Chesapeake & Suffolk VA

A partial prosthesis (fixed bridge) can replace two or more teeth and may require only two or three implants.

 A. Three teeth in the back area of the mouth are missing. The only real replacement alternative is placing a partial plate. Implants will avoid a plate that needs to be removed daily. Treatment plans will be developed. If there is a lack of bone, grafting may be required prior to implant placement.


B. Next, the implants are placed, and allowed to heal for approximately 3 to 6 months.

 C. The implants need to integrate with the jawbone before the permanent bridge is attached. Another mold of your teeth will be made, followed by the placement of the permanent bridge.
 D. The new bridge will handle all the pressure that your strong, natural back teeth did. Your new implant crowns will be stable and secure that will allow you to eat what you want.